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First Date Haunts

By Junnie

It’s hard to find your "someone special" here in New York. And in this city, where time is money, the first date can dictate the rest of your relationship. You can go to the sexiest, vintage-adorned cocktail lounge, but if the music is too loud, you're stuck lip-reading your entire conversation. Or worse, you can't pay attention to the conversation at all. You're too consumed with wondering who's going to pick up the tab, because you can barely afford the appetizer. We’re here to make sure this never happens. We've picked the best venues for almost every type of first date. Good luck!


Whynot Coffee.jpeg

Whynot (LES location) | 175 Orchard St., New York, NY 10002

With high ceilings and an open-floor concept, Whynot coffee will impress your date. The mid-century-modern-inspired decor provides a clean, comfortable feel, and the coffee bar is almost always graced with an experienced barista.


Ruby’s | 219 Mulberry St., New York, NY 10012

Australians know how to have fun, and Ruby’s lives up to that expectation. The staff is friendly, and the decor is relaxed. You wouldn’t mind sharing a table with another couple here. With simple fare and solid coffee, Ruby’s is a Nolita staple.

casual dinner

Chavela's | 736 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238

At Chavela's, the tacos, Mezcal and festive lights will make you feel like you’re in the heart of Mexico. Take your date here, and there won’t be any confusion about what you’re looking for: finger foods, strong drinks and entertaining conversations.

foodie dinner

The Eddy | 342 E 6th St., New York, NY 10003

This hotspot nestled in East Village takes you to the coast with its luxe nautical decor and vibe. There’s always a soft bustle inside, so you won’t feel too alone with your date. That, plus the small plates, close seating and cocktails served in an array of goblets and teacups promise a cozy get-to-know-you chat.

carefree drinks

Piano’s | 158 Ludlow St., New York, NY 10002

Piano’s is not a secret haunt anymore, but it still delivers a locals-only vibe. With colorful, dim lighting and a hearty crowd, it’s easy to get along with anyone here. When you get to two or three drinks in, share a helping of nachos. You’ll both be so swept by the carefree feel that you won’t notice the cheese hanging from your chins.

intimate drinks

House of Small Wonder | 77 N 6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211

Late at night, this treehouse-like cafe attracts an older crowd. If you’ve wasted too much time with throwaway first dates and are looking for something more serious, suggest House of Small Wonder. It’s whimsical, but approachable--the perfect place to discuss your favorite Murakami novel.