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Brunch Has Arrived at Wallflower

Great news - our talented friends at Wallflower in the West Village are officially launching brunch! 

They'll be testing out brunch on a "soft launch" basis for the rest of the summer (Saturdays + Sundays from 11am - 3pm), and officially kicking off service on Saturday, September 12th. Make a reservation here.

The restaurant will offer a killer menu of market-driven french fare, like the Omelette Provençale (tomatoes, olives, basil, roasted fingerling potatoes, wilted spinach) and Bacon Quesadilla (fried egg, jalapeño, tomato salsa, pepper jack cheese) paired with speciality cocktails like the Rose Royale (raspberry puree, pimm's, raspberry eau de vie, sparkling wine).  

You should NOT miss the sweet morning bun (pictured below). The chef only bakes a few buns per seating, and we can't overstate their deliciousness!

Check out the full menu here. All photos are courtesy of Ethan Covey.

Homemade bread basket + sweet morning bun

Homemade bread basket + sweet morning bun

Omelette Provençale (w/ egg whites) + Frittata Romana