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Flapjacks and baking hacks

By Junnie

I have no problem judging a restaurant by its bread service. That's how much I put carbs on a pedestal in my (non-existent) diet. So when we started working with The Invisible Chef, I was ecstatic.

Started by two female entrepreneurs, The Invisible Chef is an all-natural, artisan line of baking mixes. The former stay-at-home moms threaded their years of experience cooking and baking for their loved ones into their products, so you know you're getting from-scratch quality.

In the name of "product research," we decided to invite our friends--both new and veteran bakers--to try The Invisible Chef mixes with us. All we needed were a few pantry items (thanks to the mixes), and before we knew it, we were throwing a Bake-And-Brunch party, complete with cocktails with Made Real Vodka!

Jeremy Jacobowitz, whom you might know better as the face of Brunch Boys, was stationed at the stove to flip lemon blueberry pancakes. Carly Petrone, contributor for CBS Local, baked breakfast puffs, which we took turns dipping in melted butter and cinnamon sugar. And the RVD team made cherry chocolate and almond creme tea cakes. It was bread service at its finest.

New York is a hubbub for eating out, so it had been a while since I last spent time in the kitchen with friends. It was a reminder that great conversation can happen outside of a restaurant or coffee shop, especially when you're standing over fresh and warm homemade baked goods.