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Best Restaurant Programming in NYC

Working in hospitality PR, it’s easy to fall prey to restaurant and bar fatigue. Drinking and dining out on the regular can make it difficult to truly be “wowed”, and most of our team typically flock to our old standby, under-the-radar spots.

In an effort to up our games, we went on a search for the most unique bar and restaurant programs - from trivia to B.Y.O vinyl nights to oyster deals! We can’t promise that the lines will be any shorter, but you’ll definitely spend your nights out in a whole new way.

The Garret East | East Village

B.Y.O.V. (Bring Your Own Vinyl) Mondays

7 PM - 11 PM

Kiss Monday blues goodbye with your new after-work spot for drinks. Bring your own record, and you’ll get a free cocktail. And if you’re the type who never lets your precious collectibles see the light of day, don’t fret. There’s pizza provided by Williamsburg Pizza, on the house!

Mermaid Inn | East Village, Upper West Side

$1 East Coast Oysters
$5 Beers, $7 Wine, $8 Cocktails

5 PM - 7 PM

If you haven’t already, you need to try the happy hour offerings at Mermaid Inn. It’s the perfect place to relax, kick back and still feel like the classy, cultured New Yorker that you are. Plus, they offer a free shot of chocolate mousse and a fortune-telling surprise. There’s no sweeter way to end your boozy meal.

Videology | Williamsburg

$5 Midnight Screenings, TV Hangover Series, Trivia Night + More

Despite its standing as a beloved local staple, Videology surprisingly flies under the radar. This low-key saloon not only screens everything from Roseanne episodes to American Psycho, but also has a fully-stocked bar--it brings Netflix and chill to a whole new level.

Apotheke | Chinatown

Live Jazz

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays

Nestled one of the most photogenic streets in New York (Doyers Street in Chinatown), this off-the-beaten-path cocktail bar is staffed with mixologists in lab coats. They’re extremely proud of their concoctions, so unless you’re ordering an Old Fashioned or Martini, avoid their judgy stares by ordering from the menu. Once you’re set with your perfect drink, relax in one of their velvet sofas and enjoy the live (and actually good) jazz performances.

The McKittrick Hotel | Chelsea

Supercinema Dance Party

Saturday, April 30

You might know this hotel as the home of Gallow Green or The Heath, but it’s also the host of an extravagant Vegas-esque, role-playing dance party. It keeps it classy, in a Chelsea type of way. The April edition is called, “The Mad Hatter’s Ball,” inspired by Alice in Wonderland. If dressed-up clubbing is not your thing, go for the open bar and trippy people watching.