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At RVD, we consider ourselves the ultimate ambassadors for our clients – we explore every inch of the ever-changing media scene in New York City and beyond. Whether it's a splashy gala, a hole-in-the-wall cocktail bar or a wellness conference, we take it all in and report back.


A PR powerhouse with an impressive client history, Rachel Van Dolsen was mentored by the best in the business at LaForce + Stevens and Nike Communications – a few of her notable clients included Belvedere, Veuve Clicquot and Cointreau. 

As her family and friends will attest, Rachel has a gift for storytelling. Sometimes this trait gets her into trouble, like in seventh grade when her report card boasted six "excessive talking" comments. However, since launching RVD, Rachel has had the pleasure of using her powers for good – helping entrepreneurs tell their stories, reach a wider audience and build loyal and authentic brand followings. In 2017, she was featured in Brooklyn Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture" issue. She also teaches PR and social media seminars at the Institute of Culinary Education

Rachel has degrees from the University of Virginia (BA English Literature, BA History of Art) and The New School for Social Research (MA Liberal Studies). She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with her boyfriend, two rescue pups and piles of hats.

You can email Rachel at

Rachel Van Dolsen

Born and Raised: Rye, NY

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: 8 1/2

Book: Light Years by James Salter 

Blog: Munchies and Daily Shouts

Food: Fish tacos 

Bar Order: Dirty gin martini or a glass (bottle?) of orange wine or heritage cider




Kendra Borowski

Born and Raised: Nashua, NH

Current Home: Brooklyn, NY

Film: The Life Aquatic

Book: Heat by Bill Buford

Blog: The Salt

Food: Three-way tie between soup dumplings, littleneck clams and cheeseburgers

Bar Order: Sazerac



Jennie Snyder

Born and Raised: Philadelphia 

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: Good Will Hunting 

Book: Milk + Honey by Rupi Kaur (always), Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult (right now)

Blog: hungrygrls (shameless plug) 

Food: All the sushi. Also, I'm a firm believer/participant in Ice Cream Sundays.

Bar Order: Mezcal on the rocks with lime 




Gabrielle Pedriani

Born and Raised: Born in Paris, raised in Wisconsin 

Current Home: East Village, New York

Film: The Lord of the Rings - don't ask me to choose between the 3, or do, and I won't answer

Book: Stargirl (it's meant for 12-year-old girls, but I feel it caters to my inner child / lingering immaturity)

Blog: Do Instagram captions count as a blog? If so, @boyinquestion takes the proverbial cake. 

Food: Watermelon & peanut butter. Not together, though.....I have some ideas

Bar Order: Tequila soda when I'm trying to be that cool chill girl who doesn't flinch at bad alcohol and "whatever you think is cool" at the bars that are worth acknowledging the bartender's notion of cool.


Emma Rowland

Born and Raised: Providence, Rhode Island 

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Film: Donnie Darko 

Book: The Secret History by Donna Tartt 

Blog: Well + Good; The Cut; Chani Nicholas for a daily dose of astrology 

Food: Cinnamon buns & banana-chocolate chip pancakes with lots of *good maple syrup* (that part is very important) 

Bar Order: Anything with ginger



Victoria Trinko

Born & Raised: Port Washington, NY

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: A tie between Almost Famous, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Troop Beverly Hills  

Book: The Cider House Rules by John Irving (always), Heart Talk by Cleo Wade (currently) 

Blog: Girls Night In -- "A Newsletter For Women Who'd Rather Stay In Tonight" 

Food: My last meal would be... First Course: Meat & Cheese Platter, Second Course: Mom's Spaghetti & Meatballs, Third Course: Rib-Eye and a Baked Potato, Dessert Course: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream. 

Bar Order: *Natural* White & Red Wine or a Bourbon On The Rocks 



Molly Takemoto

Born and Raised: Bethesda, MD

Current Home: Upper East Side

Film: The Godfather (Part II !)

Book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

Blog: BLDG25

Food: Oyako Donburi...with all of the takuan on the side!

Bar Order: Whiskey Sour




Paige Garrett

Born and Raised: Morristown, NJ 

Current Home: Murray Hill, NYC 

Film: Pixar's UP (gets me every time)

BookThe Great Gatsby (always) & You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero (currently) 

Blog: Shut the Kale Up (IG) for when I'm feeling healthy, NYC Dining/Dining with Skyler (IG) for when I'm feeling naughty 

Food: the Blue Crab handroll from KazuNori/Sugar Fish - I could eat 12 in one sitting! 

Bar Order: Blanco Tequila on the rocks with 3 limes 



Gwen Rosen

Born and Raised: Long Island, NY

Current Home: East Village, New York 

Film: Clueless + Inglourious Basterds 

Book: The Secret History by Donna Tartt + Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay 

Blog: Girlboss + @sugarbearthebully 

Food: Breakfast all day every day: omelette with spinach, tomatoes, avocado and sharp cheddar cheese. Side of hash browns is mandatory. 

Bar Order: Sucker for a Moscow Mule 




Elizabeth Lehmann

Born and Raised: Madison, New Jersey

Current Home: Upper East Side 

Film: Chicago 

Book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein; People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

Blog: Man Repeller, The Feed Feed, Lee From America

Food: Toss up at any given time between: eggplant parmesan, cheeseburger with sweet potato fries, peanut butter and jelly, and any dessert that is sweet, salty, crunchy, and cold 

Bar Order: Tequila soda (two limes) or an IPA



Kelsey Panicco

Born and Raised: Pittsburgh, PA

Current Home: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Film: Spanglish

Book: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Blog: Egg Canvas

Food: Depends on my mood...

Bar Order:  Again, the mood thing: Extra Dirty Martini // Whiskey On The Rocks // Jalapeño Marg





Angela Pizzimenti

Born and Raised: Chicago born + South Florida raised

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: Life Is Beautiful

Book: The Great Gatsby 

Blog: Smitten Kitchen

Food: Any and all pasta

Bar Order: Negroni




Sarah Maguire

Born and Raised: DC!

Current Home: Lower East Side

Film: The Holiday (always my go to feel good movie) 

Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By Mindy Kaling

Blog: Humans of NY

Food: My homemade crockpot chilli with all the fixings :) 

Bar Order: Glass of Malbec





Aubrey Bohn

Born and Raised: Philadelphia, PA

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: Ladybird

Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith

Blog: Eff Yea Food, Well+Good, Emily Henderson

Food: Outback's Bloomin' Onion

Bar Order: Tequila Soda with Lime





Emily Urba

Born and Raised: Kinnelon, New Jersey

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: Garden State (Zach Braff forever <3)

Book: Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris

Blog: Eat This Poem + The Jamwich

Food: Tofu Pad Thai

Bar Order: GIN...[+tonic]




Jaclyn Pfingst

Born and Raised: Born in Long Island, NY, but raised in Winston-Salem, NC

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: ANYTHING with Vince Vaughn. Obsessed.

Book: Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

Blog: The Place I Was Telling You About + Julia Engel

Food: An everything bagel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Bar Order: I like to keep it classy and order an iced cold Stella





Bibi Tanjasiri 

Born and Raised: Bangkok, Thailand

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: Forrest Gump

Book: In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki

Blog: Local Milk and Food+Tech Connect

Food: Niku Udon

Bar Order: Gin & tonic, Aperol spritz or bourbon on the rocks




Gabby Borger

Born and Raised: Saratoga Springs, NY

Current Home: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Film: Inglorious Bastards & It's Complicated (opposite ends of the spectrum there)

Book: Rant by Chuck Palahniuk

Blog: Into the Gloss, NewForkCity (IG)

Food: Potatoes in any and all forms

Bar Order: It would be between a margarita on the rocks no salt or a good Lager



Molly Tavoletti

Born and Raised: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Current Home: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Film: Is it too soon to say Lady Bird?

Book: A Wrinkle in Time

Blog: Apartment Bartender or Pitchfork

Food: Does gin count? No? Pizza.

Bar Order: Negroni


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